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Interactive 3D Artificial Neural Network Visualization

MiaBella ANN is an interactive, web-based visualization tool for exploring the inner workings of artificial neural networks.

Artificial Neural Network Visualization Options 3D Neural Network Output
MiaBella ANN Options and Output

The program opens showing a nonlinear multilayer perceptron neural network with six layers. You can change the layers, the inputs, and even the number of outputs.

This application performs a gradient descent optimization on whichever neural network configuration you choose. The data set is created randomly at every drawing, and the outputs are generated from random equations based on the inputs.

MiaBella Neural Network Visualization
MiaBella Neural Network Visualization

As the optimization proceeds, you can view in real time how the neurons and their connections are adjusted to fit the data.

The output panel displays how the loss function progresses through the optimization process.

You can rotate the plot, zoom in, and even select individual elements to see how they change as the neural network learns.

Check out the FAQ section for more details on the creation of this 3D web app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this on my computer?

This web application uses some of the newer features of modern internet browsers. This means that the MiaBella ANN visualizations might not work on older browsers.

This program works on Windows and Mac OS X with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox®, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

What tools were used to create this?

This visualization app was written in TypeScript using BabylonJS as a WebGL internet graphics engine.

Does this app do optimizations?

If the number of neural network nodes is not too high, this program will start with a random search before performing a gradient descent optimization with a modest number of iterations.

Emerging web technologies might allow for future optimizations with a larger number of parameters.

What computers does this work best on?

Because this is a graphics application, much of the work is sent to the graphics processing unit (GPU). Therefore, MiaBella ANN will seem most smooth on computers that have fast graphics cards.

Does this work with TensorFlow or Keras?

A future version of MiaBella ANN might allow people to upload output from an R or Python neural network package and examine the results in detail.

Where is this program?

The base directory is: ann.miabellaAI.net

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