• Click and drag the mouse to rotate the scene.
  • Select a point by hovering your mouse cursor over it.
  • Click on the scene to start/stop the automatic rotation.
  • Scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
  • Press the SPACE BAR on your keyboard while scrolling your mouse wheel to increase/decrease the size of the points.
  • Press the SHIFT KEY while scrolling the mouse wheel to change the reflectivity of the points.
  • Press the 'a' key to reset the scene.


This Web-based 3D scatter plot allows researchers and data scientists to explore large, complex data sets and communicate their findings over the Internet through an interactive visualization.

This JavaScipt+WebGL program allows for a variety of special effects that researchers can use to highlight regions or observations within a data set.

Click here to see a video demonstration of this tool.

Data format:

  • The first row contains the graph title.
  • Column labels are on the second row, followed by between 1 and 30,000 observations.
  • Use two colons – "::" – to separate the values, and end each row with a semicolon.
  • The format must exactly follow the default data set.
  • Each data point has the following values:
Label A name for the data point.
X Value for the X axis.
Y Value for the Y axis.
Z Value for the Z axis.
Color Relative color of the data point. (This is often the Z value.)
Size Relative size of the data point. (A number from 1 to 50.)
Group Up to 6 groupings are allowed. Groups can be denoted by numbers – such as 1 to 6 – or by text labels such as "Group A" or "Sector: B."
 Transparency  A value between 0.0 and 1.0, with 1.0 being fully opaque. The point will cycle between this transparency level and fully opaque.
Blink Rate A value from 0.0 (no blinking) to 1.0, indicating a blink rate.
Jitter A value between 0.0 (no shake) and 1.0 (large shaking).
Stripe Either 0 (a solid color) or 1 (add stripes to the data point).
Expand/Contract A value from 0.0 (the point remains a constant size) to 1.0 (the point expands and contracts in size).

Fancy Data Set

(This text is for example only; large data sets are read in by file.)

Custom Data Set

To use your own data, enter your data set in this text box.

After you enter your data, click the 'Update Chart' button.

This option is limited to 3,000,000 total characters due to the limitations of web forms.

To report issues, please email: